Gemma Winterrose

Gemma, born in Houston, Texas, is a self-taught expressionist painter, working with both oil and acrylic paints. All of her works are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Tapping into her half-Indian roots, Gemma uses mesmerizing and explosive color combinations in her work, brandishing her unmistakable mark on each piece.

Johan Vanden Berghe

Working in both monochrome and full colour, Johan captures images that are notable for their originality of composition and use of focus.
His goal is to create timeless art work that encourages the viewer to consider the subject in a new light.

Montana Engels

Montana Engels is a young female Belgian artist who has invented her own innovative way of portrait painting. Using only stripes, Montana creates a realistic portrait that looks abstract up close, but becomes more detailed once people step back from the painting.

Rudolf van der Ven

Rudolf van der Ven is a Belgium-based photographer focused on supercars. Having worked for the likes of Bugatti, Lamborghini and Porsche, he has made a name for himself in the world of fine art car photography. His aptly named book “Supercars” is available worldwide.

Nicoline Ruiz

Nicoline Ruiz is a Belgian painter, fascinated by the techniques of acrylic painting and resin art. Nicoline experiments with different structures and materials on a white canvas, which she interprets as an open window where all her inspiration comes true.

Peter Engels

Peter Engels gained international fame with the portrait painting of Nelson Mandela. Portraits by artist Peter Engels are characterized by his black and white tones and sepia colors. He applies the paint with the pallet knife, which gives the artwork a lot of texture and character.

Chloe Vercammen

Meet Chloe Vercammen, the creative force behind the captivating Instagram account “den duvel.” With a passion for interesting cars and a keen eye for detail, Chloe brings a unique perspective to her audience, showcasing the beauty of cars through her paint brush.`

Mauricio Franco Luque

Mauricio is a Germany-based painter, focused on bringing out the most vivid detail in every car. His work, although highly realistic, often shows a subtle hint of surrealism through the use of very bright colours, sleek lines and fascinating angles.

Artem Oleynik

Oleynik Artem was born in 1982 in Ukraine. The main topic of his works is auto racing and Ferrari. As a true fan of Formula 1, he reproduces on his canvas the bright episodes of race, beauty and elegance and everything connected with Formula 1.

Tom Havlasek

Born in Brno, Czech Republic in 1984, Tom Havlasek’s love for motorsport blossomed in childhood near the Brno Circuit. Transitioning from computer graphic design to handcrafted art, he now explores street and canvas paintings.


Developed by Gunter and Itte, INTTER is a unique interior decoration collective inspired by lighting and renewability. Their bespoke creations not only convey a true sense of artistic expression, they are often recycled and were engineered to last a(nother) long time.

Slooow Art

Slooow is a Belgian artist, transforming steel into beautiful, unique artworks. She cuts, welds, polishes and folds materials in her atelier to achieve light, waving, gracious shapes. Both abstractly and figuratively, she takes the essence and one-ups the desire of her clients.

Adalbert Gans

The eye-catching yet subtle light columns in Goodwood Art Gallery are the works of Adalbert Gans (51), who is known for his guardians of light and hope. Thanks to a Lebanese beauty and Axel Daeseleire, the Austrian stayed in Antwerp.

Sergey Starodumov

Sergey Starodumov is a Russian painter with a love for supercars and hypercars. His works exude realism and bright colours, and were featured in the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as the All About Art Gallery in Singapore.

Kevve Inc

Kevve Inc is a design collection based in Belgium. The well-known “car key creations” are the most famous among their diverse portfolio, although they design apparel as well. Kevve Inc is made up of Kevve, Margaux and designer Donnie.

Tim Roosen

After finishing the ‘Strange Fruit’ series, a collection of plant-like wrought iron metal sculptures, and building the largest artistic scale model of our solar system in the world – which consists of 11 monumental sculptures in 9 Belgian cities – he returns to what he likes doing most: figurative art.

Theo Claerhoudt

Theo Claerhoudt is a Belgian sculptor from Bruges, known for working with recycled materials. His creations are often surrealistic but with a hidden deeper meaning. Although the main subject is humans, he has a secret passion for cars as well.

Julien Pieper

Julien is a Belgian furniture designer and heads Passion Extension, a unique furniture design company that strives to extend the passion of cars into homes – hence the name. Each project embodies modern elegance and luxury, through various types of furniture.


Born the 3th of July 1982 in Antwerp, MERMIC has been surrounded by art ever since child- hood. He creates large collages using hundreds of pieces of paper from magazines. The subtle images he produces are the result of patience, dexterity and weeks of work. 

Koen Wauters

Koen Wauters, with 7 years of Urban Art Academy and 7 years of Painting & Decoration Techniques, supplemented with Letterart and his undiminished passion for Retro – Vintage and Automobilia, is known for his boundless creativity & disarming originality.